Figure 3 1 Bellowed LNG unloading line with no Expansion Loops

Bellowed LNG unloading line with no Expansion Loops

Whessoe’s commissioning experience lies in in the considerable experience gained over many years with LNG, Ethane, LPG and Ammonia storage tanks, in addition to receiving terminals, along with cryogenic separation and refrigeration systems.  Our experience can be utilised to provide a range of services from full commissioning services to consultancy advice or commissioning procedures depending on customer needs.

From minimising commissioning costs with design decisions right at the conceptual stage to handing over a reliable and operational plant, at Whessoe, our attention is never taken off the goal of delivering a safely operating process.
Our Commissioning enforces such policies as :-


  • Independent Quality Assurance prior to commissioning phase.
  • Dual Punch List systems for independent cross check.
  • Step-by-step Commissioning Procedures that provide every small detail of every task, written during the design phases alongside the designers to avoid any gap of understanding.
  • Contingency scenario planning, a “what if” analysis, to help train for the unexpected during commissioning (e.g. valve failure).
  • An all personnel inclusive training program for plant managers, all commissioning team members and technical support, customer and in-house plant operators, permit controllers and even senior project staff including classroom and practical sessions.


These policies drive towards a safe pre-commissioning and commissioning period.


As well as an experience list including many liquefied flammable gas storage tanks and terminals our commissioning experience we have a number of firsts including the world’s longest bellowed cryogenic unloading line (no expansion loops), the world’s first commercial LNG import terminal and the world’s first gravity based structure modular storage tank.

We have been turning on gas plants for a long time.

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