Fengzhen LNG Project, China

Client: Technipfengzhen2

Year Complete: 2015


Project Details:

20,000m3 Single Containment LNG tank


Primary components include:


  • Outer tank – low temperature carbon steel
  • Inner tank – stainless steel


Whessoe’s Scope:

Detailed Engineering


Whessoe are responsible for the detailed engineering of the LNG tank up to a 5m battery limit.


The tank will be constructed on an elevated concrete foundation, including main piping systems, spill collection system, fire protection systems and main structural elements.


Piling and foundations are designed by the Client.


This is an on-going fast track project with all the design and engineering to be completed in nine months. Works started at the end of February 2014 with a 39 week schedule with all of Whessoe’s engineering scope of work to be completed by mid-November 2014.


The tank designed to API 620 code, however Chinese codes were used for material specification to allow the Client to purchase locally produced materials. Process safety was designed using NFPA 59A codes.


The outer tank will be constructed from locally produced carbon steel with the inner tank being constructed of stainless steel. Roof rafters are designed to be fabricated from carbon steel plate materials and will be fabricated at site.

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