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Revithoussa Expansion Project, Greece


Client: J&P-Avax

Year Complete: 2016


Project Details:

The Revithoussa LNG Regasification terminal is located on Revithoussa Island approximately 500 metres from the shore of Agia Triada, in the Pachi Gulf of Megara, Greece.


The expansion project comprises an additional in-ground, full containment LNG storage tank with a capacity of 95,000m3.


Whessoe’s Scope:

Detailed Engineering, Site Supervision


Whessoe’s scope is to execute the detailed tank design and seismic design of the third 95,000m3 full containment LNG storage tank. The terminal is located in a highly seismic area, therefore the tank will be designed to Codes ELOT 14620 and ELOT EN 1998.


The tank will be constructed in a pit, alongside the existing two tanks, to comply with local permitting issues associated with the aesthetics of the area.


Whessoe will design the whole tank and its associated systems. This includes the outer tank, inner tank, process systems, process safety systems and preliminary details of top side structures and layout of piping.   The tank is also required to be seismically isolated with 308 friction pendulum isolators.


Whessoe’s process and process safety design extends to the tie in points of the existing site and includes attendance at design reviews/HAZOPs/SIL reviews, design of the fire and gas system, checking the existing site systems such as gas flare, fire water, spill collection facility to ensure adequate coverage and safe operation.


The scope of services also includes provision for site supervision and support for commissioning of the tank.

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