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Revithoussa LNG Project, Greece

Client: DEPA (Public Gas Corporation of Greece)revithoussa-1-300x223.png

Year Complete: 1994


Project Details:

The Revithoussa LNG Regasification terminal is located on Revithoussa Island approximately 500 metres from the shore of Agia Triada, in the Pachi Gulf of Megara, Greece.


The project comprised 2 x 65,000m3 in-ground, full containment LNG storage tanks.


Whessoe’s Scope:

Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning


Whessoe successfully executed the detailed tank design and seismic design of the two 65,000m3 full containment LNG storage tanks. The terminal is located in a highly seismic area, the tanks were supported on 212 friction pendulum seismic isolators designed to accommodate seismic movements up to 30cm in any direction with a maximum horizontal acceleration of a magnitude of 0.5g.


The tanks were constructed in a pit, to comply with local permitting issues associated with the aesthetics of the area.


Whessoe’s fully integrated design team carried out the detailed design of the tank and associated fire protection systems. This included the inner tank, top side structures, process systems, process safety systems and preliminary details of top side structures and layout of piping.

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